Cradletowers Tonkinliu 01 V2

Zhengzhou Cradle Towers

Mixed-use residential and office towers, 2016

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Location: Zhengzhou, China
Budget: £118 million
Size: 434,000 Sq. m
Engineer: Tim MacFarlane Glass
Facade: Christopher Eyres & Associates
Landscape: Tonkin Liu
NLA Design Capital Exhibition 2017

The Cradle Towers of Zhengzhou comprise of five mixed residential, office and hotel towers that swoop out of podium housing retail and leisure. Hollowed out to form a ring, the podium forms a threshold between the city and a soft, sheltered landscape within.

Cradletowers Tonkinliu 06
Cradletowers Tonkinliu 02

the city is square and the sky is round,

five towers reach for the sky,
swooping as song shan mountain-scape,
encircling at its base a public garden cradling, 
a modern community built on an ancient soul 

Cradletowers Tonkinliu 04


例证了郑州 的 起源
和预示 着它的未来

Cradletowers Tonkinliu 03

A family of five towers of varying heights swoop out of the urban block to from a mountainscape. Vertical courtyards bring daylight into the deep plan at the base of the towers and establish vertical gardens up their inside faces. A fluid landscape spills out of the cradle and under the lifted podium ring, connecting the vast inner courtyard to the wider city sprawling beyond. At the peak of each tower a roof-top glass house simultaneously screens the mechanical plant floors and greens the skyline.

Cradletowers Tonkinliu 07