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Young House

Mews House Conversion, 2001

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Location: London, UK
Size: 150 m²
Engineer: Mike Hadi Associates
Lighting: Tonkin Liu & Mind’s Eyes
Main Contractor: Capital
RIBA Award 2003

By day, the towers in Young House find the sunlight. By night, they offer the light back. Each tower houses a different function: cooking and washing, sitting and sleeping, storage and stairs. Constructed of slated timber boards, each tower has a colour changing light that alters and redefines the spaces within and around it.

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in a mews house three towers reach for light,
one for cooking and washing,
one for sitting and sleeping,
one for storage and stairs

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The connecting floors are glossy resin plates that reflect the lit towers above and below. Their hues shift from blue in the depth of the basement to white at the light upper level. Formed by the morphology of time and season, the rooms change from cool blue to hot red, to reflect on the time of year, day, and the people.

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