Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 01

Spiral Mountain

Public library and fine arts museum, 2013

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Client: Taichung City Government
Location: Taichung, Taiwan
Budget: £52.6 million
Size: 62,500 m²
Structural Engineer: Arup
M & E Engineer: Arup
Sustainability Engineer: Arup

Spiral Mountain brings together four spirals.

The Spiral of Books is a continuous line of 350,000 books, visible in one glance as visitors enter the base of the building, spiralling around a central public space. Shaded reading rooms beyond the bookshelves overlook the leafy park.

Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 02

touching the ground lightly
the spiral mountain floats above a park
routes gather from all directions
to spiral up into the mountain

inside, in a huge chamber
is a spiral of art above a spiral of books
the mountain tells a thousand stories

Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 05
Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 07

The Spiral of Art ascends through 6000 sqm of art galleries, connected to light and garden above.  

The Spiral of Nature is a sculpture garden around the outside of the building.

Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 03

at night, when everyone has gone
the art and the books see one another
across the chamber
and begin to talk

Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 04

The Spiral of Light is the continuous slab that forms the building, modulating light to the spaces below.

Where the four spirals meet, the Cultural Platform cantilevers out across the landscape, uniting library, art museum, park, and city.     

Spiralmountain Tonkinliu 08