Olympicrose Tonkinliu 06 V2

Olympic Rose

Canal footbridge, 2007

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Client: Olympic Delivery Authority
Location: London, UK
Budget: £7 million
Span: 78 m
Engineer: Atelier One
Sustainability: BDP Sustainability
Landscape: Grant Associates

A bridge takes you from one place to another, and has an above and a below. Typically, the above is light, and the below, dark. Stories unfold. What is below the bridge? Over the Carpenter’s Lock sits a disc made of rolled steel plates and coloured glass lenses. It is a temporary bridge for the London Olympics. The experience of crossing the bridge is heightened by the passage of light, colour, rain and people.

Olympicrose Tonkinliu 01
Olympicrose Tonkinliu 03

lifted up into the air after the olympic games,
revealing the green lea river basin below,
the giant disc with colour glass is a symbol of the global community,
and a gathering place for the local community

Olympicrose Tonkinliu 09

Olympicrose Tonkinliu 05

The disc is lifted up into the air in the post-Olympics Legacy Park, to reveal the historic lock below. Inside the green basin people bask in the luminous dappled light of the Olympic colours. The bridge becomes a sign and a gathering place for the local community, retaining the memory of the global community that crossed over it during the 2012 Olympic Games.

Olympicrose Tonkinliu 02

Olympicrose Tonkinliu 07
Olympicrose Tonkinliu 04