Nesspoint Tonkinliu 17 Ng

Ness Point

Clifftop House, 2016

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Landscape Architect: Tonkin Liu
Location: Dover, UK
Size: 439 Sq. meters
Engineer: Eckersley O'Callaghan
Lighting: iGuzzini
Interior Design: Aedas
RIBA Award 2017

Ness Point is grown out of the dramatic landscape of the white cliffs of Dover. The undulating form of the plan orientates the internal spaces to different aspects of the landscape beyond. Each room is characterised by its own spectacular view: towards the cliffs along the coast, across the English Channel with the passing ships, and to the rising or setting sun. The texture of the white rendered walls of the building catches the dynamic and ever-changing play of light that reflects off the
 sea below. 

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332 Plan Ground Floor

Along the sea-facing southern façade, the house rises up towards the sky and
 deep window recesses in the thick wall create sunshade. To the north, flush windows form internal niches in a top lit double-height art gallery. The highly sealed and insulated castle-
like house utilises heat recovery and solar thermal renewable systems to maximise energy efficiency in the winter, whilst the long gallery skylight enables controlled passive cooling in the summer. The bio-diverse green roof slopes down toward the rising site at the back, retaining rainwater and harbouring local wildlife, merging the house with the landscape into which it is anchored. 

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332 Section Aa
332 Section Cc
332 Section Bb

a white house stood on a white cliff,

looking along the coast to a taller white cliff,
over time the house grew like the cliff that it admired,
on the roof grew chalk-land flowers and grasses

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