Looppoolbridge Tonkinliu 03

Loop Pool Bridge

Canal footbridge, 2007

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Client: Sefton Council
Location: Liverpool, UK
Engineer: Jane Wernick Associates

The Loop Pool Bridge is a piece of social infrastructure that enhances the experience of crossing the canal. The quick loop and the slow loop rotate visitors in different directions to circumnavigate the reed bed pools. As the routes join they compress together to bring people closer over the water. The loops allow ascent and descent at two different speeds, as steps and as ramps.

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Looppoolbridge Tonkinliu 01

ascent and descent at two different paces,
steps and ramps encircle four pools,
with reed beds and wildlife brought onto the land,
the bridge over the canal creates a new habitat

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Looppoolbridge Tonkinliu 07

Lattice trusses form the structure, which builds curves out of faceted straight sections
 for maximum material efficiency. Clad in expanded metal panels, the cost effective 
material is brought to life by rotating the inner and outer layers in different directions to 
create moiré patterns. The bridge creates a sculptural gateway to Bootle and Liverpool beyond, celebrating access for all.

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