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Hampton Wick

Station artwork installation, 2017

Architect Tonkin Liu
Client: Friends of Hampton Wick Station
Location: Hampton Wick, UK
Budget: £5,000
Contractor: Surrey Signs

The underpass beneath Hampton Wick railway station is regenerated by an artwork installation.

Using a parametrically derived pattern, an evocative parkland landscape is projected along the underpass walls, visible only from one end. As the viewer looks back, the artwork transforms into an abstracted pattern of inverted raindrops, in shades of brown, green and blue

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1 Partial Elevation Copy
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4 Full Scale

The project resulted from a collaboration with Friends of Hampton Wick Station, during which Tonkin Liu completed a feasibility study for the station's wider regeneration. The study focused on the extension of platform canopies, improvements to accessibility and the creation of a green, pedestrian-friendly station forecourt.

2 Full Elevation Copy
3 Station Diagram