Freshflower Tonkinliu 08 Copy

Fresh Flower

Travelling Pavilion, 2007

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Clients: London Festival of Architecture, Tata Steel
Location: Kensington; Bedford Square; St Pauls; Canary Wharf, London
Budget: £90,000
Size: 100 Sq. meters
Engineers: AKT II, David Dexter Associates 
Fabricators: Mike Smith Studio, Millimeter

The tree is the most primal place of human gatherings, and the delicate and beautiful flower petals form the shelter and the unique space under them. The eleven petals arch out to create shade and protection, and a stage of conversation and interaction is set.

Freshflower Tonkinliu 01
Freshflower Tonkinliu 04
Freshflower Tonkinliu 13

yellow flowers catch the eye,
unfurling to make a sheltered public space,
centred around a stage for talks and gatherings

Freshflower Tonkinliu 11
Corus Fresh Flower 09

The petals increase in size as each unfurls around the central stem, creating entry spaces between the petals welcoming in the visitors.  These petals glow under the sun and at night they are illuminated by the lights atop the central stalk, always beckoning people to approach and investigate.  In the rain, drops of water follow the curves of the petals and are collected by the flue inside the central stem columns.  

Freshflower Tonkinliu 12
Freshflower Tonkinliu 03

To travel to the next location, the pavilion is disassembled back to its individual components and transported across London.  At each new site, the stacked petals are unfurled, assembled, and the Fresh Flower is again ready for interaction with the public and the surrounding environment.

Freshflower Tonkinliu 07
Freshflower Tonkinliu 02