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Forest of Light

Listed Building Conversion, 2010

Architect: Tonkin Liu
Location: London, UK
Client: Roach and Partners
Size: 440 sqm
Engineer: Price & Myers
M&E: Archineers
Lighting: Tonkin Liu
RIBA Award 2010

The Forest Of Light grows out of the attic floor servant quarters of a Grade II Listed 1928 beaux-arts mansion block in Marylebone, London. The apartment is composed of two main oak-panelled rooms that look out onto a 45-metre long terrace.

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an enfilade of rooms on a rooftop,
surrounded by the dappled light of a forest,
that glows, warms, and cools the rooms

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Fixed objects in each room signify a primary function. The refectory has a kitchen island, a dining table and an octagonal study desk with corresponding skylights to bring in natural daylight and elevate the importance of the domestic rituals. The salon, a place for reclining, has horizontal sliding panels with horizontal grain, opening on to rooms for sleeping

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Inhabitable apertures link the main rooms to the terrace. These alcoves are lined with white powder-coated aluminium panels, perforated with a forest of trees. From behind the perforations computer-controlled vents open and close to cool the apartment, panel heaters create warmth, and lights illuminate the breathing forest at night.

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