Project Awards

Stephen Lawrence Prize, Old Shed New House, 2018
RIBA National Award, Old Shed New House, 2018
RIBA Yorkshire Award, Old Shed New House, 2018
RIBA Yorkshire Small Project of the Year Award, Old Shed New House, 2018
RIBA London Award, Sun Rain Rooms, 2017 
RIBA Southeast Award, Ness Point, 2017
RIBA London Award, Kingston Ancient Market Place and Stalls, 2016
RIBA Research Trust Award Grant, Shell Lace Structure, 2013-14 
RIBA Northwest Award, Rain Bow Gate, 2013 
RIBA Northwest Small Project of the Year Award, Rain Bow Gate, 2013 
RIBA Southeast Award, Dover Esplanade, 2011 
RIBA London Award, Forest of Light, 2010 
RIBA National Award, Singing Ringing Tree, 2007 
RIBA Northwest Award, Singing Ringing Tree, 2007
RIBA London Award, Promenade of Light, 2007 
RIBA London Award, Young House, 2003

First Prize, AJ Retrofit Award House of the Year: £250,000 - £500,000, Old Shed New House, 2018
First Prize, Don't Move, Improve! 2018, Sun Rain Rooms, 2018
First Prize, GAGA Architecture Award, Old Shed New House, 2018
First Prize, AJ Retrofit Award, Sun Rain Rooms, 2017
First Prize, Pre-Cast Creativity in Concrete Award, Three Waves, 2011 
First Prize, Architectural Jelly Design Competition, Fresh Flower Pavilion, 2008 
First Prize, RIBA Urban Space Award, Promenade of Light, 2005 
First Prize, RIBA Future House Award, Camera and Jewel House, 2004

Awards, Finalist

Commendation, New London Awards, Culture & Community, 2018
Finalist, Sustain Award, 2011 
Finalist, European Prize for Urban Public Space, 2008 
Finalist, Structural Steel Design Award, 2008 
Finalist, Prime Minister's Better Building Award, 2007
Finalist, Regeneration Award, 2007 
Finalist, Lighting Design Award, 2007 
Finalist, Natural Stone Award, 2007

Competition Wins

Manchester CQHN Architectural Design Competition, Tower of Light, 2017
Lansdowne Club Courtyard Design Competition, Oval Court, 2017
Doe Lea Public Art Dancing Flowers of Doe Lea, 2017
Hull City of Culture Gateway Sculpture, Solar Gate, 2015
Guadeloupe, Sugar Vane, 2015
RIBA Research Trust Grant, Shell Lace Structure, 2013
Kingston Ancient Market Stalls, Glowing Orchard, 2013
Princess Way Gateway, Rain Bow Gate, 2011
Kingston Ancient Market Place Landscape, 2011
Dover Esplanade, Three Waves, 2009
Blackpool Public Art, Welcome Tree, 2008
London Festival of Architecture Pavilion, Fresh Flower, 2008
Sunderland Empire Flytower Artwork, Clapping Tower, 2008
Landmark Wales, Postcard to Wales, 2007
V&A Museum Exhibition Design, China Design Now, 2007
Panopticons, Singing Ringing Tree, 2005
Any Old Street, Promenade of Light, 2004

Competitions, Finalist

Old Street Iconic Gateway, Old Street New Tree, 2018
RIBA President’s Awards for Research Finalist, Shell Lace Structure, 2015, 2014, 2013
Tinsley Art Project, 2016
International Quarter Pavilion for Lendlease, 2015
Phase II, The City of Calgary Utilities & Environmental Protection Public Art Plan, 2015  
V&A Gallery at Shekou Design Museum, Shenzhen China, 2015
Monumental Masonry Design for Tomb, 2014
Canterbury Cathedral Landscape Design, 2013
JC Decaux sites Old Street Roundabout & Pagoda Cromwell Road, Adship, 2013
Abbey Green Landscape, 2009
Weymouth Visitor Centres and Beach Hut, 2009
Olympic Park Bridges and Underpasses Artwork, 2008
Olympic Central Park Bridge, 2007
Harrow Town Centre Public Realm Strategy, 2006
Urban Splash Walsall, 2005
Quaderns International Competition: Housing in Catalonia, 2004
Living Sites Housing Competition, 1998
Concept House Competition, 1998
Scottish Architecture and Design Centre Competition, 1996
Tokyo Forum Competition, Tokyo and London, 1989

Practice Awards

RIBA Practice Role Model, 2017
The Faces to Watch in 2005,
The Independent Magazine, 2005
AJ Corus Forty under Forty, 2004
Forty under Forty, Architects around the world, Taschen, 2000
Forty under Forty, Construction Industry, Building magazine, 2000
New Architects 2: A guide to Britain’s best young architectural practices, 2001


Aram Gallery, Architecture Prototypes & Experiments, various models, 2018
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Photon Space, 2018
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Tower of Light, 2018
NLA Centre, Don't Move Improve!, 2018
Bath Artists Studios, The Nature of Place, 2017
NLA Centre, London Design CapitalZhengzhou Cradle Towers, 2017
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Sun Rain Room, 2016
Materia Exhibition, Shell Lace Structure, 2015
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Salford Meadows Bridge 2015
Pop Brixton, Shell Lace Structure, exhibition and talk, 2015
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Baku Sfera, 2012
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Shi Ling Bridge, 2011
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition AJ Award, Shi Ling Bridge, 2011
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Rain Bow Gate, 2011
Arup Gallery, Bridge Stories: 50 years of Bridge Design, Shi Ling Bridge, 2010-11 
Nous Gallery, Spontaneous Schooling Exhibition, Shell Lace Structures, 2010 
50 Years of London Architecture, Promenade of Light, Camera & Jewel House, 2010 
RIBA Nash Ramblas, Tailor-Made Architecture, 2010 
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Singing Ringing Tree, 2006
New London Architecture Centre, Promenade of Light, 2006 
RIBA Architecture Week Exhibition, The Week Tree, 2006
Greater London Assembly, Urban Space by Design Exhibition, Promenade of Light, 2006 
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, La Kangra, a Hall of Flowers, 2004
RIBA Urban Space by Design Exhibition, Promenade of Light, 2005 
Victoria & Albert Museum Exhibition, AJ Corus Forty Under Forty, 2005
RIBA Future House Exhibition, Camera & Jewel House, 2004


Grand Designs: House of the Year, Ness Point, 2017
Chinatown Series (BBC Two), 2005
Grand Designs (Channel 4), Camera & Jewel House, 2002

Teaching Appointments

University of Bath, Teaching Fellow, 2017
Bartlett School of Architecture, MArch Examiner, 2016-20 
Bartlett School of Architecture, BSc Examiner, 2017-21 
University of Bath, Visiting Critic, 2012-17 
Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL Visiting Critic, 2016 
Workshop, Victoria and Albert Museum, 2016
Oxford Brookes, Lecture, 2016 
University of Westminster, Master of Architecture, Diploma Studio 2013-15
RCA, Service Design, Workshop Leader, 2015
Kent School of Architecture, Lecture, 2015,
RIBA Awards, Juror, eastern England region, 2012
University of Bath, Visiting Tutor and Lecturer, 2009-12
Shih Chien University (Taipei), Visiting Tutors and Lecturers, 2010-12
University of Cambridge, Visiting Critic, 2008-11
University College London Bartlett Unit 17, Visiting Critic, 2006-11
Tung Hai University (Taichung), Visitor Tutors and Lecturers, 2011
National Cheng Kung University (Tainan), Visiting Tutors and Lecturers, 2010-11
Jiao Tung University (Hsin Chu), Visitor Lecturers, 2011
Waseda University (Tokyo), Visiting Lecturers, 2010
RIBA Awards, Chair, southern England, 2009 
RIBA Awards, Juror, north London region, 2008
RIBA Sustainability by Design Awards, Juror, 2006
RIBA Awards, Short-listing panel, 2005
Golden Lane Campus Development Committee, Architectural Advisor, 2005-06
Architecture Foundation, Architectural Advisor, 2000-01
University of North London, Unit Masters, 1998-99 
Chinese University (Hong Kong), Part-time Lecturer, 1996-97