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Tonkin Liu reveals Cradle Towers scheme
for the Chinese city of Zhengzhou

Tonkin Liu has unveiled its 2016 competition winning proposal for a new Trade Centre in Zhengzhou, in east-central China. The Cradle Towers of Zhengzhou comprises five mixed residential, office and hotel towers that swoop out of podium housing retail and leisure. Hollowed out to form a ring, the podium forms a threshold between the city and a soft, sheltered landscape within.

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A family of five towers of varying heights swoop out of the urban block to from a mountains-cape. Vertical courtyards bring daylight into the deep plan at the base of the towers and establish vertical gardens up their inside faces. A fluid landscape spills out of the cradle and under the lifted podium ring, connecting the vast inner courtyard to the wider city sprawling beyond. At the peak of each tower a roof-top glass house simultaneously screens the mechanical plant floors and greens the skyline.