17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Team Lunch

A day in the life of a
RIBA Practice Role Model

In September 2017, Tonkin Liu was selected as a RIBA Practice Role Model, one of just nine practices recognised as embodying the characteristics of a role model organisation. According to RIBA, the project is intended to provoke a profession-wide debate about what it means to be a successful RIBA Chartered Practice. 

But what does a working day look like for Tonkin Liu? Featured as part of an Instagram takeover, Tonkin Liu gave RIBA's 77k followers a glimpse into a day in the life of a Practice Role Model.

17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Team At Work
17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Lighting Test

Above left: Some of the Tonkin Liu architects at work; Greg and George (foreground), Alex and Matt (background).

Above right: The Tonkin Liu team discussing lighting options for an upcoming project in Manchester: The Tower of Light

17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Exhibition Prep

Above left: Katrina (Studio Manager) and Mike (Director) curating work for the latest exhibition, The Nature of Place at Bath Artists' Studios.

17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Library
17 11 14 Tonkin Liu Team Lunch

Above left: Be, the honorary studio dog, in her favourite spot in the library

Above right: the team enjoying lunch together in the Sun Rain Rooms: the extension to our Grade II Listed Georgian studio

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